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MEAAC 2023 Reviewers
Reviewer Acknowledgements

Dear reviewers of MEAAC 2023,

For the first year running, MEAAC 2023 would like to acknowledge you for your generous time and insightful comments on our peer-reviewed articles. Your comments and suggestions will be of great help to the authors in improving the quality of their papers.

----On behalf of MEAAC 2023 organizing committee

How to be a reviewer of MEAAC 2023

Please send an email to info@meaac.org, indicating: your name, affiliation, title, research interest, your latest resume or personal link. The conference organizer will check and contact you via email.

Duties of reviewers
  1. Accept or decline the review invitations from MEAAC 2023 quickly, based on the manuscript title and abstract.
  2. Rate the manuscript in terms of originality, significance, quality of the presentation, scientific soundness, interest to the readers, overall merit.
  3. Provide a constructive review report.
  4. Suggest alternative reviewers if any.
Benefits for reviewers
  1. Reviewers who provide timely and substantial comments will receive a formal Reviewer Certificate from MEAAC 2023.
  2. MEAAC 2023 will publicly acknowledge the reviewers in reviewer list on MEAAC 2023 official website.
  3. Free access to the conference proceedings (electronic version or CD-ROM version).
  4. Enjoy a favorable price for conference registration, details can be found in Registration page.
MEAAC2023 External Reviewers List

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Name Affiliation
Amit Prigozin
Asdrúbal López Chau
Behrouz Pourghebleh
Bohai Zhao
Cheng Chen
Chengji Mi
Cunwei Yang
David Ruiz
Dhruva Sreenivasa Chakravarthi
Dirk Munro
Farhin Faiza Neha
Fernando Mas
Ghada H. Ibrahim Abdelgawad
Hao Tan
Hiba Khalid Hussein
Hong Tang
Hua Xu
Jeffrey Hemmes
Jiacheng Zhou
Jiangkun Wang
Keerti Kulkarni
Lakshmi Kanthan Narayanan
Le Yang
Lean Karlo Tolentino
Lei Zhang
Liang-Yan Guo
Luis Alexandre Lopes Frazao
Mansi Girdhar
N. Merrin Prasanna
Nan Wu
Niranjan Raj
Qingxiu Ma
Sathishkumar V E
Sheng-Yuan Xia
Shveta Verma
Swastik Kumar Sahu
Teo Tee Hui
Virupakshi Patil
Yang Song
Yuchong Li
Zhanchao Huang
Zhenwei Chen
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Islamic Azad University
Huaqiao University
China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Limited (CSSC)
Hunan University of Technology
Southwest University
University of Castilla-La Mancha
Prashanth Hospital
TU Delft
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
M&M Group / University of Sevilla
University of Freiburg
Guangzhou University
University of Baghdad
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yancheng Teachers University
Regis University
University of Liverpool
University of Aizu
BNM Institute of Technology
Quannta School of Software Engineering
Wuhan Institute of Technology
Technological University of the Philippines
Yangtze University
Chongqing University
Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
University of Michigan-Dearborn
Annamacharya Institute of technology and science, Rajampet
University of California, Santa Barbara
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore India
Yulin Normal University
Hanyang University
Chongqing University
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
Indian Institute of Technology ISM Dhanbad
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Sharnbasva University Kalaburagi
University of Liverpool
Zhengzhou Normal University
Beijing Institute of Technology
Suzhou Power Supply Company
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